Are You Ready? is the name of the first ever Music Makers CD! It is  jam-packed with 21 tracks (10 of them brand new) all sounding fresh and ideal for singing and dancing to with your children!  Go to the Are You Ready Page to find the words and listen to sound clips for the songs.

Of course you might want to head to the Shop to order the CD. If you purchase the CD you get the MP3 download free or you can simply buy the MP3s. We aim to add badges and other products here in due course.

Music Makers has been running for the last 17 years at Cosham Baptist Church, in Portsmouth, and is an effective model for connecting with and supporting the local community. We currently run 7 groups each week with over 170 parents  and carers and over 200 children attending. Music Makers is a fun and simple way to get together and build a community.